Hm. Might as well. Guten Morgen, Neverland <3 #MondayAgain

Buuuurn! Lol. Nighty-night, Neverland Xx #Awful #Glum


That one special guy. <3 pe We Heart It

BDS <3

Ian Somerhalder - new pics of People’s 2010 Sexiest Man Issue

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Buona sera, Mi tesoro <3

Been a long time since I last posted here in Tumblr (Sorry, humans) because of this phenomena that humans had enforced me to have. School. I know right, I’m an alien and yet I still have to go to school. Go figure. 

Well, now I’m back.. temporarily. But I will be permanently back after a week or two cause we’re having our final exams this week! Humor me and all but, please wish me luck on my exams! I know I’m smart and all and I wouldn’t want to fail on something that’s considered mundane by my fellow aliens, right? 

Sooooo, I’m gonna start blogging and reblogging again…. SOON! 

Ciao <3

Danie. Xx

What could be the best thing to do on a non-p.e. class day? Breakfast and watching Young Justice season 1! Hahaha #Saturday #NoPE #Breakfast #DCComics #YoungJustice

Late Lunch a few hours ago. Hello Geline and @dvnlee X #Midterms #TuesdayBlues #SistersFromAnotherMother

My own Angelic Rune! Believe it or not I only used my pen and voila. Wheee I’m officially a Shadowhunter. Haha! #Midterms #LittleBreak #TempoTattoo #Rune #TMI #AngelicRune #Doodle #DIY

Strange life. Buon Giorno x

Gleefully happy. Wait what? Lol Goodnight x

Epic faces guys! Haha. See you soon x

After Ate Aphol and Kuya Tom’s Wedding :) With Kuya Will!!! #FamilyReunions #Vacation #WeddingThing #Manila #Cousins #052513

05/19/13 Subic x

So someone got hungry and was craving for Pancakes in the middle of the i-don’t-know-if-it’s-hot-or-cold weather. Hahaha. #Pancakes #Snacks #FoodPorn